The Portfolio Of Julian Wysocki

Artist Statement


My landscapes are dream-like utopian visions of the distant past or a more peaceful future, less burdened than the modern world. They often start off as random marks on the paper and find their own structure. I see it as an almost magical process, like finding images in clouds or landscapes in textures on walls. Meditating on the painting, I see what emerges from it; and as the sculptor sees the finished work in a chunk of marble, the painting makes itself evident.

In nature, rocks, mountains, water and vegetation interact and are layered one upon the other to create a landscape. I work with paint in the same way. My paintings incorporate the use of the airbrush and paintbrushes to build up the scene with layers of colour.


When working with clay I don't begin a piece with a pre-conceived notion of what the finished piece will look like. Rather, I let the piece develop naturally throughout the process of creation. I enjoy adding a lot of details so that there is always something new to discover. At present I am exploring houses with a fun and quirky construction. My aim is to pass on the enjoyment I have in making these curious dwellings. All my pieces are fired at a high temperature (stoneware) in an electric kiln.

About Me

I was born and raised in the picturesque valleys of Wales. From a young age I have been drawn to two things, nature and art; and spent countless hours walking the mountains and woodlands of Wales. This love of nature is reflected in my work. I studied art and graphic design at Kingston University in London, England, where I earned a bachelor of arts degree in graphic design. I now live in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland.

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